Courtesy of Lillian Shalom

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Interview with ARTXPUZZLES: Puzzles with Purpose Contemporary Artist Eric Payson: Puzzling with Musician Steven Tyler by Adam Kluger

BESPOKE COLLECTOR AXP LIMITED EDITION JIGSAW PUZZLE: Title: Steven Tyler Jigsaw Puzzle Size: (Horizontal) 12" X 16.5" (310mm×418mm) 285 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces. Eska Premium Board, Magnetic Layer. They have cleverly incorporated a very thin layer of material with gentle magnetic properties underneath all the pieces, allowing the puzzle to be more stable and secure as the puzzler puts them together.

Q: Eric, how did this amazing image of Steven Tyler come about?

A: When I used to work at MTV I became friendly with a bunch of the producers there and many of them went on to work with the biggest names in rock and my friend John Bendis who…


“The primary idea of my practice is representation, documenting, celebrating and showing new ways to approach blackness.” Amoako Boafo

By Rachel Vancelette

In the elite upper strata of the Art World, particularly the auction house sector, occasionally there is the sound of…

Rachel Vancelette

Editor at Large/Contributor as a top art industry specialist for arts and fashion industries. Vogue Italia, Metropolitan Magazine, Mandatory, UrbanMindz + more.

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